Rules of the game

  1. The winner is the Mini League member who has the most points at the end of the season.
  2. You will receive points for every player in your lineup on each matchday, based on the real performance of the player in the LaLiga. In general you have to save your lineup until the start of the first match of a matchday. The exact deadline can be found in the calendar. Once a matchday has started, under certain conditions it's possible to make substitutions within the saved lineup.
  3. To receive points, your account balance must not be negative at the time of the kick-off of the first match of a matchday. At any time thereafter during an ongoing matchday, you can overdraw your account and you will still receive points for your players. Substitutions during an ongoing matchday, however, are only possible if the account balance isn't negative at the time of the change.
  4. The computer offers football players on the transfer market, for whom you and the other managers of your league are able to submit sealed bids. Every day at 3:00 CET the transfer calculation begins, in which the highest bid is accepted and the players are transfered. This process usually is finished in the early morning. During the transfer calculation it's not possible to place any bids.

    Transfers between two managers, however, are performed immediately after an offer was accepted. If you accept an offer that you have received from the computer, the transfer will also be performed immediately.

    If you offer a player for 0 Euro on the transfer market, he will be removed from your team during the next transfer time. You will not receive any money for the player!
  5. After each matchday you will receive a bonus of 10.000 Euro for each point that you have achieved on the matchday (30.000 if your community has activated player salaries). If you have achieved negative points for a matchday, there will be no deduction of money.
  6. Initially, depending on the settings of your community, you will receive either a randomly assigned team of 2 goalkeepers, 4 defenders, 6 midfielders and 3 strikers or no team with a higher budget.
  7. The evaluations are provided in cooperation with SofaScore. Based on a large number of statistics, SofaScore calculates a rating, which objectively evaluates the player's performance. Comunio converts the statistical ratings into the following points:

    0.0 - 5.0-4
    5.1 - 5.3-3
    5.4 - 5.7-2
    5.8 - 5.9-1
    6.0 - 6.10
    6.2 - 6.31
    6.4 - 6.62
    6.7 - 6.73
    6.8 - 6.94
    7.0 - 7.15
    7.2 - 7.36
    7.4 - 7.57
    7.6 - 7.78
    7.8 - 7.99
    8.0 - 8.410
    8.5 - 8.911
    9.0 - 9.412
    9.5 - 9.913
    10.0 - 10.014

    Additionally every player is receiving points for scored goals and negative points for sending-offs, regardless of the playing-time:

    Goal goalkeeper: 6 Points
    Goal defender: 5 Points
    Goal midfielder: 4 Points
    Goal striker: 3 Points

    A goal assist is rewarded with 1 point, regardless of the players position

    If a player scores an own goal, he receives -2 points.

    Yellow-red: -2 Points
    Red: -4 Points

    A scored penalty kick is rewarded with 3 points, regardless of the player's position.

    For a missed penalty the player will receive -2 points.

    A saved penalty kick is rewarded with 3 points for the goalkeeper.

    A clean sheet (no goal conceded) is rewarded with 1 point for the goalkeeper (keeper has to play the entire match).

    All bonus points are awarded to the players based on the official data of LaLiga.
  8. For each empty position in your lineup 4 points will be deducted. Exception: If all positions are empty, you will receive 0 points.

    For Pro Players, which are playing with substitutes, substitutes can compensate for the negative points of any empty position in the lineup, regardless of their actual position. However, you will only receive the points scored by the substitute player if he moves up to his actual position.
  9. Postponed matches are treated as an extra game day, i.e. you may change your line-up for the postponed match (if it doesn't overlap with a regular game day). Replays are not rated.

Prediction game rules

  1. For an identical tip you'll receive 3 points..
  2. For a tip with a correct goal difference you'll receive 2 point..
  3. For a tip with the correct tendency you'll receive 1 point..