Become Plus Player!

For just 16,80 EUR the Plus Player offers you the following additional features till the end of the 2021/2022 season:

The additional features:

Player details including market value and points charts!

The charts of market values and points of every player will help you to find the ideal time for buying and selling players!
Screenshot player details
Player status!

In your lineup injured or banned players are marked, as well as the points from the last game day are shown!
Screenshot lineup
Strength analysis!

For every part of your team you can analyze your strength compared to your community members. By doing so you can quickly identify the weaknesses of your team and those of your opponents! You also have access to past game day results of the season.
Screenshot standings
Lineup of your fellow members!

The user details show which players have been lined up on the last game day.
Screenshot member details
Graphical improvements and easier handling

Plus Player have links to player and user detail pages in their lineup and on the transfer list. They can also use smileys and BBCode in the news! Purchase price and dates are shown, when a player is to be sold. Also there is the possibility of creating community polls.
Screenshot news
Priority access

Plus and Pro Player get priority access during high traffic times, e.g. after the points calculation for the game day!
You may become Plus Player independently of your fellow community members. Even more features are available for Pro Players in Pro Player communities.

Here you will find an overview about the different game versions.

Here you can find information on how to become a Plus Player with your existing account.
Words are not enough for you? Then try the Plus Player features yourself by using a guest account!